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Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, United States
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Society for Fetal Urology Fall Meeting

Thursday, Sept 26, 2019

8:00-8:05 Welcome Adam Hittelman MD PhD

8:05-9:40 Clinical presentations (Courtney Rowe MD and Jimena Cubillos MD moderators)

8:05-8:09 Delayed recognition of bladder exstrophy and persistent cloaca: an OEIS variant

Itunu O. Arojo MD*, Lynn L. Woo MD

8:09-8:13 Survival in a functionally anephric neonate with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disorder (ARPKD)

Sarah L. Hecht MD*, Vijaya M. Vemulakonda, MD

8:13-8:17 Benign infantile hemangioma presenting as solid testicular mass

Victor Kucherov MD*, Kudakwashe Chikwava MD, Steven Blumer MD, T. Ernesto Figueroa MD

8:17-8:21 Unusual Presentation of Fusiform Megalourethra and Anterior Urethral Valves as a Transient Fetal Cystic Perineal Mass

Lauren E. Corona MD*, John M. Park MD

8:21-8:25 Difficult decisions: fetal intervention in twin gestation

Bridget L. Findlay MD*, Patricio C. Gargollo MD, Candace F. Granberg MD

8:25-8:29 Application of Cecil-Culp repair in the treatment of penile amputation during neonatal circumcision

Sameer Mittal MD*, Katherine M Fischer MD, Douglas A Canning MD, Jason Van Batavia MD

8:29-8:38 DISCUSSION

8:38-8:42 A different surgical technique for reconstruction of penile duplication

Mariam Malallaha MD*, Peter Metcalfeb MD

8:42-8:46 Urinary Retention in an Adolescent Male with Partial Bladder Duplication, Complete Urethral Duplication, and Glans Duplication in the Coronal Plane

Charlotte Q. Wu MD*, Edwin A. Smith, MD

8:46-8:50 Puncture of prolapsed ureterocele at bedside without anesthesia or sedation 

Donald H. Nguyen MD*, FAAP, Christopher Brown, MD

8:50-8:54 Newborn male with features of covered cloacal exstrophy with prolapsing bladder plate at penoscrotal hypospadic opening

LB Cornwell MD*, M Alagiri MD, S Marietti MD, G Chiang MD, KA Swords MD

8:54-8:58 Functional Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction Mimicking Posterior Urethral Valves; A Report of Two Children

Rohit Tejwani MD*, Ashley W. Johnston MD, J Todd Purves MD, PhD, Jonathan C. Routh MD, MPH, John S. Wiener MD

8:58-9:02  Congenital viriliazation after two pregnancies with retained intra-uterine Mirena ® device

Helen Hougen MD*, Casey Seideman MD, Christopher Austin MD.

9:02-9:12 DISCUSSION

9:12-9:16 A patient with bilateral single-system ectopic ureters who achieved urinary continence after ureteral reimplantation

Kristin Ebert MD*, Rama Jayanthi MD

9:16-9:20 A Case of a Large Abdominal Cyst with Diagnosis of Crossed Fused Ectopic Kidney with Severe UPJ Obstruction

Chris Ballantyne MD, Marisa Gray MD, Sean T. Corbett MD, Nora G. Kern MD*

9:20-9:24 Minimally invasive management of a bilateral duplex collecting system with periurethral ectopic upper pole ureters and a right cecoureterocele in an infant

Alexis Steinmetz MD*, Jimena Cubillos MD

9:24-9:28 Bilateral Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction Causing Anhydramnios

Naveen Nandanan MD*, C.D. Anthony Herndon MD, Rebecca Zee MD

9:28-9:32 Neonatal urinary ascites of uncommon etiology

Rambha Rai Sr., MBBS MS MRCSed FAMS*, KL Narasimhan Sr., MBBS, MS ,Mch, FRCS, Suresh Chandran Sr., MD FRCPCH FAMS, Harvey James Teo Eu Leong Sr., MBBS FRCR, Yap Te-Lu Sr. MBBS FRCS FAMS, Indra Ganeshan Sr., MD MMed MRCPCH, Anette Sundfor Jacobsen Sr., MBBS FRCS FAMS.

9:32-9:40 Discussion

Break 9:40-10:00

10:00-10:50 Panel:  Management of neonatal torsion  (George Chiang MD moderator)

Rama Jayanathi MD Early surgery

Glenn Cannon MD  No surgery  

10:50-11:40 Doug Husmann MD: Complications of Ureteroceles and Ectopic Ureters Seen In Transitional Urology

10:50-10:55 Candace Granberg MD– Introduction

10:55-11:25 Doug Husmann MD– Complications of Ureteroceles and Ectopic Ureters Seen In Transitional Urology 

11:25-11:40 Case discussion

11:40-11:45 Clinical prize award

11:45-12:00 Business meeting



September 26, 2019
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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