The Society for Fetal Urology(SFU) hydronephrosis registry began enrolling patients as of 5/01/06. Currently, three centers have received Institutional Review Board(IRB) approval and are actively enrolling patients. Currently, 6 other centers are in the process of applying for IRB approval prior to their participation in the registry. In addition, the Coordinating Council for Registries as well as the executive committee for the AAP both have given their widespread support for the prenatal hydronephrosis registry.

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SFU Grading System Reference Tool

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Timberlake, M. D. & Herndon, C. D. A. (2013) Mild to moderate postnatal hydronephrosis—grading systems and management
Nat. Rev. Urol. doi:10.1038/nrurol.2013.172

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